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Two photographers, one subject

One of the best ways to develop your skills as a photographer is to look at as many photographs as you can. I’m not talking about flicking through your Instagram feed for a couple of minutes every morning, I am talking about really looking at photographs.

Break those bad habits

The introduction of digital technology into photography has brought with it a whole host of advantages and opportunities that photographers once only dreamed of. But at the same time, it has led to us developing a few bad habits.

Just do the work

Non-artists think that creative people sit around waiting for inspiration to pass over them and magically move them to create a masterpiece. While some artists may be guilty of perpetuating this myth, artist Chuck Close has a more practical view.

Ernest cole - a powerful voice

I have been thinking about Ernest Cole and his photograph of the Doornfontein railway station made in the 1960s. In this one image he sums up the inequality, unfairness and quiet brutality of the apartheid system.