I am a freelance photographer based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

What do I do


A good portrait is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. Environmental portraits, editorial work and corporate portraits.


Capturing the essence of a performance is a challenge and is one I enjoy' from music to dance and theatre.


Photography is a story telling medium and a documentary approach best expresses its ability to achieve this goal.


Sharing my knowledge and experience through workshops and structured lessons.

Visual Arts

Documenting exhibitions, photographing artwork for print purposes and developing marketing materials.

Wall Art

A selection of my work is available for purchase as prints and stand-alone works.

Let's work together

About me

I have been making photographs for as long as I can remember, and I am as enthusiastic today as I was the first time I stepped into a darkroom.

While photography is at the heart of what I do I also bring design, writing and marketing skills to any project I tackle.

Get in touch

I generally reply in a day or two.

  • 082 576 0199
  • harry@harrylock.co.za