Portrait Photography Workshop – June 2018


Portrait Photography Workshop

A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it.
Edward Steichen

Good portraits seldom just happen. They are the result of a collaboration between the photographer and subject. As a portrait photographer you need to develop the skills to see the potential in a given scene, know how to arrange the subject and other visual elements to create a composition which has impact.

This intensive one day workshop will give you the skills to make stronger portraits by exploring different types of lighting, posing your subject, and how to work in different locations.

In short, you will learn how to use natural and artificial light, make the most of your location, and how to work with your subject.

These techniques will be taught using a series of exercises and practical sessions working with models.

Who should attend
People who have a working knowledge of their camera and want to take their photography up a step, to produce images with impact.

 The workshop will be built around the following

    • Overcoming common portrait problems


    • Explore different styles of portrait photography


    • Compositional guides for portraits


    • How the choice of lens affects the portraits you make


  • Positioning and the relationship between the subject and the light

The aim is to give you the confidence to make strong portraits in any location.

Duration of workshop
This is a one day workshop. A full day. We will start with an introductory lesson which covers the basics. Mid-morning we will begin making portraits with our models using a variety of indoor lighting setups.

The afternoon is spent outdoors, on location, with our models.

I limit the workshop to a maximum of 6 people. This is an intensive practical workshop and I will need to spend time with each participant.

If you have any questions please mail me at : harrylock@mweb.co.za .

You can also call me on 082 576 0199